Friday, April 29, 2011

Finishing off Skyblazer

Here's the second installment of my review on Skyblazer, complete with the final boss(es) video.  After playing this game for a while, I realized it's pretty reminiscent of Megaman Zero, having the closer combat with abilities to back it up.

Like a lot of video games the last level makes you revisit old bosses you've already beat, who for some reason have been either reincarnated or the final boss just had extras lying around.  I understand that with a game like Megaman, since your enemies are machines, but djinn, fish monsters, walls with faces and whatever that elephant-snake trunk guy is  I'm just not sure about.  Still the game keeps to it's quick style by only making you fight four bosses over.

You fight the boss in two forms, which is pretty typical as well.  The first one requires you to start off using your phoenix ability to break his shield, so if you die, you're basically fighting him with half health.  Your best odds are to beat him on the first go around.  Both forms of the last boss hate being punched in the face.  It's pretty much their only weakness.  Really, there aren't a lot of things that punching in the face enough times doesn't take care of.  I'm pretty sure that even works on vampires and werewolves.

If you watch the end story segment, you might notice that Sky is a total bad ass.  I've never seen a game where the main character taunts the final boss.  The whole game he just tells the old man he's got this guy under control and basically just pwns him and his minions with style.