Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wright Stuff: Flying High

Last time I posted a flash game I played it seems that I've been getting more hate mail for ruining your lives than good comments.  So in an attempt to alienate the rest of my readers, I've got two more games I want to recommend, also found on the Armor Games website.

**Spoiler** this video is the end of the game.

This is the sad little epic of a penguin who realizes what he's missing out on, being a "flightless" bird.  He defies fate and throws caution (and himself) to the wind.  It's not only a fun game, but a valuable life lesson.

After reading the directions a few times, you'll pick it up.

Another simple flyer game, but this one just seems to have an addictive quality that's hard to explain.  Anyway, give it a try if you don't have work today... or if you're boss is ok with you being two hours late.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Flash Games: How I Waste My Life

Armor Games is a flash video game site that has a great collection of games.  I've probably clicked hundreds of hours of my life away on this site alone.  I'd like to share a little "gem" I have found on their site.  If you're a fan of tower defense, this is game is for you.  I would say, that this game is quite possibly the best tower defense game ever.  I'm not taking that comment lightly either.  The link and a few screen shots are below.  If you decide to take my advice and play this game, I'll just say goodbye to you now, because it's possible that you'll never visit my site (or anyone other than GemCraft) again.

If you're not a fan of tower defense, consider yourself lucky.  You might still have a life... or at least the opportunity to get one.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Audio / Video Editing on the Cheap... Free

I've been posting a lot of videos on my site, but I don't have paid video software... and no I didn't pirate it either.

For all of us who don't have the extra few hundred dollars to buy an awesome program like Adobe Premiere, the functionality can be replaced by using a couple different programs to get the same (or similar) results.

I think you'll be able to get your hands on just about everything I mention here from

First you need codecs, I heard that the codec packs like CCCP or Klite are pretty effective, but I just use ffdshow and the matroska splitter.  Between those two things you don't need much else.

I use VideoPad Video Editor (from NCH), it's a paid program, but when you attempt to uninstall it, you get the option to use a less functional free version.

Another free and useful tool I use is Sqirlz Morph.  This program is probably one of the most intuitive and clever morphing tools I've ever seen.  There is so much you can do with this, but I use it for making .gif and .avi files from just simple pictures.
Sample work using Squirlz Morph

For video conversion, I found a nice free tool Super(c).  I like it not only because it's a free fully functional audio/video converter/joiner, it's also named Super C... as in Super Contra.  You know... the old Nintendo game.

I hope you found this post helpful. Anyway, that's about it.