Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wright Stuff: Flying High

Last time I posted a flash game I played it seems that I've been getting more hate mail for ruining your lives than good comments.  So in an attempt to alienate the rest of my readers, I've got two more games I want to recommend, also found on the Armor Games website.

**Spoiler** this video is the end of the game.

This is the sad little epic of a penguin who realizes what he's missing out on, being a "flightless" bird.  He defies fate and throws caution (and himself) to the wind.  It's not only a fun game, but a valuable life lesson.

After reading the directions a few times, you'll pick it up.

Another simple flyer game, but this one just seems to have an addictive quality that's hard to explain.  Anyway, give it a try if you don't have work today... or if you're boss is ok with you being two hours late.