Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Playing: The Last Door: Chapter 1

I found the last door on armor games, but noticed right off that they have their own website with the rest of their content. thelastdoor.com. You have to register to play it on the developer's webpage, but there's more content available on there, so you won't regret signing up. The game comes as a series of chapters. This is one of those times when you get to experience something a little more old fashioned than the internet usually provides... waiting.

This game is like one of those old fashioned radio shows your grandparents used to listen to. It's spooky, but not scary. It sort of creeps you out slowly until you get a shock. Then everything slows down again. Each shock being a little more shocking than the last.

The game is done up in bit graphics. It gives a nostalgic feel and you don't get any of the adobe flash lag that you sometimes get with visually appealing games. The visuals are still creepy though. From the very beginning title screen when the raven is shuffling around, you can tell that this is a game that is still going to keep you weirded out even without hi-res graphics.

The game doesn't disappoint, and I'm not going to spoil it, but I'll say this much... I'm pretty sure I hate birds.

I'd suggest you check out their page, maybe even donate to the kick starter. They have an area on their page, where if you've donated enough, they can add your character into a special version of the game! The game is also available on their website, where you can not only check out your own character they make for you, but you can see the other generous contributors and immediately be part of a virtual community where you will forever be bonded with strangers.

Take a look at the game.