Saturday, October 19, 2013

Match-Three Puzzlers: Triple Town and Pixel Defenders Puzzle

Triple Town

Triple Town is a match three puzzle game, where you place game pieces down that combine into more complex pieces. The goal is to make the biggest city you can before you run out of space on the board. While the description of the game is accurate in it's simplicity, I've got a game play video that should give you a better idea of how fun this game is. This is one of those games that "you'll need a strong support group of friends to get you to stop playing". I wish you the best of luck in life if you attempt to play this game and think you can stop.

This cute little game has addictive game play, the weirdest sound effects, and the cutest antagonists... da bears. If you can't get enough of these cute little board hogs, check out the Triple Town t-shirts zazzle has for sale.

Pixel Defenders Puzzle, I'm not gonna lie to you is straight up ripped off from Triple Town, just like Candy Crush Saga is taken from Bejeweled Blitz. They are the same puzzle game, but so much more dynamic.Candy Crush added some walls and shit, but this game added a whole other game that could not have been possible without the Triple Town puzzle style. Both of these guys, Spry Fox and these other like nobodies - just this group thrown together,

No like production team name, just two dudes and a chick who make games while Dare to Oppress has band practice. Oh, by the way, while we were hanging out we only made like one of the most challenging and rewarding puzzle games you'll ever play. These guys even have a support page, but like no programming team name. Like... who am I suppose to call if I'm in trouble.

So it's like this, the enemy gets your guys, you're defeated. You mess up on the puzzle, you're defeated. You walk out that door without eating a bologna sandwich you're done. There is like no way to keep it together on the later levels. You are going to lose, and when you do, you'll learn, and you'll go right back at it. You're gonna hit it so hard its insides burst. You are better now than you ever could have been without this game.

Basically, I'm saying the game provides a rewarding challenge in a volume that few games achieve.

So you should enjoy these games. Triple Town will make a nice "waiting in line" game on your phone, and Pixel Defenders Puzzle is more likely going to sear itself onto the inside of your head.