Monday, October 28, 2013

Samsara Room

Every now and then you have to treat yourself to something trippy. Samsara Room fulfills that requirement in the food pyramid of weird. It's a typical point, click, story progresses room-escape. The goal of the game is to become enlightened.

The first thing you see is this nice living room setup with a little phone table. You feel like you're being invited over to have lunch or something, so you press the "play" button expecting to see some happy-jolly shit, when instead are greeted by a dark screen with ominous white font that says, "I woke up in a room I never have seen before. My head hurts and I feel dead inside." While that is still coming into focus, there is a horrible sound that I can only imagine would feel like having a knife jabbed into your stomach while your murderer stares in your eyes. Pretty intense. The game is telling you right away that you're gonna get scared.

This is how I feel without my coffee.

Now that your spooking out, the dark screen fades back into the living room scenery again. You're staring at an old grandfather clock. Not scary at all. Just like here you go again, we're gonna put you back into this place until we're ready to scare you again. The game does have its weird parts, and while it did make me think, there were only a couple spooky parts.

The upside down lizard man room.

Is grandpa off of his meds again?
Bizarre fish necromancy.

I'm hoping this messes with your head.

This game is very interesting, and at least worth a shot. You may miss the ten minutes of your life it takes you to beat this game, or you might find enlightenment. You can play it here at armor games.

Also, I've posted a walkthrough I made, available on my YouTube Channel and viewable below.