Sunday, October 17, 2010

Debate on How to do Retro

I've been having this debate with a friend for some time about nostalgia and why we would choose to play Stealth over Halo Reach.

He tells me that true nostalgia is about the overall feeling of the sharp cornered nintendo controller in your hand. The way a game slows down when more than three things are moving at once. That sort of forced "bullet time" which kind of gave you the edge to defeat the enemies. The opportunity to see that zombie eating your fellow Stars team member and when the tension is at it's highest, having to wait three more seconds while the disc loads.

While I can't disagree with that, I have a different interpretation of nostalgia. Sometimes, playing an older game the limitations of technology prevented a designer from realizing his actual dream. I purchased two (Wireless) Logitech Cordless Rumblepads and an HDMI cable. This way, I can download roms (legally of course) of the games I used to own and replay them on my flat screen TV with scaleX or super eagle graphics upgrades. Super eagle is nice! It makes an 8-bit game seem 16-bit. The game has more vibrancy and life. The game plays as it was meant to be played, without delay or graphical glitches.

Moreover, I am not forced to fight against my own bodily functions and personal life, because emulators allow you to save the state of the game in that exact spot at any time. This way, if you're tired you can go to sleep and beat Super Mario tomorrow, or after work. Not to mention that bumping a Nintendo could mean your game is over with, bumping a computer does not have that effect at all.

So Neo, the choice is yours:

The new school upgrade to old school games...
Or the true old school experience in it's original glory and frustration.