Thursday, October 21, 2010

Skyblazer... I can't believe I forgot Skyblazer!

The other night I was having a few drinks at the bar with a friend, and I let it out that I've got a little blog going where I replay classic SNES (and maybe NES) games.  We got to talking and he wanted to contribute some ideas.  I trust my friends, but this is why I didn't want to tell anyone about my blog.  Before I know it, I'll have all my buddies giving me a list of games to review and they'll all think I'm picking favorites when I choose a game.  However, this time I didn't regret it.

I pulled out the iPhone and showed him the site.  He liked it and started to mention games I should play.  He recommended Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Lufia, and Megaman all before I could stop him.

"Look man, I'm just trying to put those games out that I played and enjoyed that weren't popular.  I'd like people to know what they missed out on."  I then started to tell him that my next game was going to be E.V.O. The Search for Eden.  He told me that game sucked.  I was just about ready to end the conversation and play some pool when he brought up Skyblazer.  He kept going, but I told him to stop.  They're my creative juices and I'd rather not throw his oranges in with my kiwi.

This game has all the best elements of a side scrolling platform (maybe lacking a little in storyline).  First off, the control for this game is fantastic.  It's as smoothness is right up there with Super Castlevania.  The graphics are simplistic, yet not disappointing.  The music is a bit redundant, but nonetheless engaging and appropriate.  This game plays itself.  I was just taking videos and screen shots and beat the first world before I even realized it.

Skyblazer was published by Epic/Sony Records games in 1993. These guys also released Utopia: The Creation of a Nation and Live in Power Bowl: TM Network (Japanese only).  I wouldn't call the other games ground breaking, but I haven't played them yet either.

The box art looks like Nuclear Man beating up a bunch of robot monks.

The bosses are creatively designed.

Seeing the sprites should give you an idea of how smooth the game is.

The game has such a variety in game play from level to level, that I couldn't just pick one or two videos to sum it up.  You'll have to see for yourself.  This game is a truly undiscovered gem, probably due to the retarded looking box.  I could imagine if the box didn't look so stupid, this game would have become a strong series, comparable to Megaman, Metroid, or Zelda.

If seeing this review made you want to play the game, it's going pretty cheap on Amazon.  Honestly, at a price less than a pack of cigarettes, this game is a steal.  Do yourself a favor and play it as soon as possible.