Monday, October 11, 2010

(Re)Discovering old SNES games: FireStriker / HolyStriker

My friends and I were getting pretty drunk a while back, and playing old video games.  We definitely weren't randomly playing games from a thousand ROM pack downloaded from uTorrent or LimeWire, because that would be illegal.  So for this story, we bought a box of 1,000 old games at a garage sale and we were playing those.  So FBI, if you're reading this, you can move onto someone else's blog.


We found this game called Holy Striker that was still in Japanese (and I just happened to have a Super Famicom laying around).  We played that game for the rest of the night and much into the next morning.  All this despite the fact that we had no idea what the storyline was since it was still in Japanese.

A while later, I found out that this game did come out in America as Fire Striker.  I'm posting this gem for you, because I honestly think a lot of you will have never seen this pretty awesome game.

Title Screen, don't know what multi mode is...
Reason for using a fiery pinball as a weapon
Gameplay videos captured with SNES9X and encoded with Super (from eRightSoft).

The opening screen and the first level

The first boss, tricky guy is strong on the front side

If you still have your SNES and you're looking to play a game you missed out on as a kid, try and find a copy of this game someplace.  It's definitely worth the time.